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Who's Who

Sean Mitchell-Lay
name: Sean Mitchell-Lay
year of birth: 2006
where do you live: Larkhall
family: I am the youngest of four boys
occupation: I am still at school
hobbies: I enjoy singing in the choir, building things with Lego, and playing the ukulele
what do you do in the choir: now that my voice has broken I sing baritone and recently I have become the librarian
when did you join the choir: approximately 2017
why did you join this choir: my dad has been a member of the choir for a number of years and I thought he needed a bit of help to improve his sound
favourite choir piece ever: Feliz Navidad
favourite other piece of music: My favourite band is Imagine Dragons and my favourite song by them is Thunder 
most memorable choir story: First time I sang the solo in The Rose during choir practice, my dad was so proud
anything else: I love singing with the Jolly Bees. I really enjoy their sense of fun