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Who's Who

David Lochead
name: David Lochead
year born: 1942, I was a war baby
where do you live: Wishaw
family: a wife Gloria, 2 daughters Joanne and Diane, and a granddaughter Katie
occupation: I was a lecturer at Coatbridge College
hobbies: singing and keeping a low profile
what do you do in the choir: I sing in the bass section, sell choir CDs at concerts, and annoy Danny Baxter
when did you join the choir: six years ago
why did you join this choir: Kenny Mackie invited me
favourite choir piece ever: must be Morte Criste
favourite other piece of music: Where Do You Go To My Lovely by Peter Sarstedt
favourite choir story: recording a Christmas concert at Stirling when the director would not allow any of the guys to go to the loo in case it spoiled the shot. There was a lot of cross eyes in the choir that day.