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Who's Who

Daniel Baxter
name: Daniel Baxter
year of birth: 1949
where do you live: Stonehouse
family: wife and daughter
occupation: I am now happily retired
hobbies: I enjoy fishing and bee keeping and, of course, the choir
what do you do in the choir: I sing Bass and I open and close the hall for our rehearsals
when did you join the choir: 1998
why did you join this choir: I joined the choir as it was local and I enjoy the company
favourite choir piece ever: Cwm Rhondda
favourite other piece of music: Back to the Sixties
most memorable choir story: we were singing at a concert in East Kilbride, and as we were singing a Tom Jones number, we decided to hand out some knickers to the audience which they promptly threw at the choir. Gordon's face was a picture!
anything else: the choir is great fun and a fabulous choir to sing with. All men are welcome to join