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Who's Who

David Brown
name: David Brown
: 68
where do you live: Carluke
family: 2 grown up children
occupation: retired Civil Engineer and Company Director
hobbies: holidays, rotary and choir
what do you do in the choir: apart from being treasurer, I try to keep below the parapet!
when did you join the choir: around January 1995
why did you join this choir: my wife said that I should get out more as I was becoming a boring old fart. Nothing has changed!
favourite choir piece ever: Hallelujah Chorus
favourite other piece of music
: Morte Criste
favourite choir story: When dressed up as the Hippo I looked up at Gordon between the last verse and chorus and announced in a stage whisper "My Hero". I almost managed to put him off his game
anything else: the choir is like a second family where I have made some great friends and enjoy great camaraderie